Godrej Arrives In Greater Noida With Golf Links Villas


Godrej properties, the real estate arm of the century old Godrej group, has arrived in Greater Noida. No, they’re not launching yet another high-rise apartment project, but something that’s closer to the ground.


Villa’s that will encircle a golf course. A golf course that’s different from others. Ok, it had to be different from the golf course in its immediate neighbourhood,which is part of a well admired premium destination in the NCR. More about that later.

Talking of the NCR, do you know that what’s perceived as one of the furthest town in the NCR is actually the nearest if you measure distances in driving time, and not kilometres? It’s also undisputedly, the most beautiful town in the NCR. It actually doesn’t look like everything else in the NCR.

Don’t believe me? Drive down the expressway that takes you to Greater Noida. 30 minutes after you’ve paid the DND toll you’ll arrive at a different world. The world that Godrej is now arriving in.

Greater Noida and Noida started out as twins. Noida grew rapidly, fuelled by commercial development in its industrial sectors and residential developments along the Noida- Greater Noida expressway. Greater Noida, however grew slowly, it’s status changed from  being a twin to a younger sibling, however with a distinct identity – Wide, tree-lined roads. Mid rise apartments. A score or so of private universities and colleges.  Large industries and IT campuses. Spread out residential sectors. Sports arenas. It’s also the takeoff point for the Yamuna expressway. The takeoff word also reminds of the proposed Jewar airport, which most likely could soon be a reality. But what’s close to being a reality is the Noida- Greater Noida metro. In an advanced stage of construction, it’s your constant companion as you drive down the expressway.

The metro rides close to the 100 acres Godrej project site which is ringed by developed societies all around. The very expensive Jaypee Greens, with its magnificent golf course is the immediate neighbour I referred to above.

But surprisingly, Godrej Golf Link Villas are rightly priced. A 2400 sq ft villa built on a 100 sq yards plot has an approximate all-inclusive price of Rs 1.3 crores. A bigger 125 sq yards villa is priced close to 1.55 crores. There’s a bigger sized premium luxury villa too, 4400 sq ft built up on 220 sq yards. That Himalayan golf course that runs through these 100 acres is an intriguing attraction along with some sports and recreational facilities on offer. Why is it called Himalayan? Something we’ll find out soon.

But what we know is that Godrej Villas could turn out to be a good long-term investment. If you’re an investor who’s been holding onto to funds for the last couple of years, this could be the project where those funds could be parked. For those weary of living in apartments, an appropriate alternative. Looking for a peaceful, secure place to return home from work? This could be it.

Godrej have timed it right. Noida’s former twin and present day sibling is poised to grow up. Just wondering, from being Greater Noida will it someday become Greater-than-Noida?


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